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J.M. Stitt Employee Retention

By Julia Stitt January 8, 2021

Did you know here at J.M. Stitt we have employees that have been around for 20+ years?!  That’s almost unheard of in today’s construction world.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average longevity of an employee with their current employer is approximately four (4) years.   So…what makes J.M. Stitt different?  First off, we make it a point to take care of our employees not only through the benefits we offer but also the environment we create both in the field and office.  We truly are a family here at J.M. Stitt, and as a family owned business, we take pride in treating all our employees as such.  It is important that every employee who puts on a JM Stitt hat knows just how important they are.  In turn, we have been blessed with amazing employees dedicated to ensuring the company’s ongoing success.  The longevity of many of our employees is a byproduct of J.M. Stitt’s stability and sense of security.  We understand there are certain circumstances that arise in an employee’s personal and work life, both good and bad.  J.M. Stitt also understands the need for flexibility in accommodating certain situations throughout the course of an employee’s tenure.  As a member of the J.M. Stitt team, just knowing that your employer is looking out for your best interests provides a sense of reassurance that translates into providing a great work ethic!


Another reason why JM Stitt employees stick around?  We encourage our employees to enjoy their jobs.  We get incredible opportunities to build amazing projects.  Not only do we get to be involved with new builds from the ground up, but we also get the opportunities to knock buildings down as well.  And what’s not to love about demolition day.


We’ve recently had the opportunity to interview some of our staff members here at J.M. Stitt to open up a dialogue about their day to day undertakings.  The common consensus throughout the interviews, no matter the person’s position within the company, was that we’re all in this together.  Our employees find JM Stitt to be an enjoyable place to work and we really do our best to maintain a healthy working environment.  To ease some of the stress of everyday work life, JM Stitt takes the utmost pleasure in hosting annual company gatherings to preserve a sense camaraderie within our work family.  J.M. Stitt’s yearly gatherings range from company picnics, to chartered fishing trips, to our famous holiday Christmas parties.   There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing our employees and their families come together for some good old fashion quality fun together.



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